hunter valley fortified wines

Savouring Sweetness

Indulge in the warming embrace of Hunter Valley fortified wines without travelling to distant lands. Offering its own rich and luscious delights to savoUr.

hunter valley fortified wines

NV Liqueur Muscat

Producer: Briar Ridge

Varietal: Muscat

Style: Caramel Toffee in colour with notes of fresh raisin and clean spirit aromatics followed by rich fruit and a subtle ‘nutty’ rancio complexity.

Serving suggestions: A perfect accompaniment to coffee and chocolate after a meal.

2018 Botrytis Semillon

Producer: Lisa McGuigan Wines

Varietal: Dessert Wine

Style: Light golden in colour with an aroma of ripe apricots and marmalade followed by slight citrus notes.

Serving suggestions: Best enjoyed with cheese or a dessert, such as a delicious citrus tart.

NV Tawny

Producer: Brokenwood

Varietal: Tawny

Style: Pale tawny colour of orange brown with lifted nutty, vanillin aroma carried on obvious alcohol. Palate is rich and luscious followed with a clean lingering finish.

Serving suggestions: Enjoy with cheese or chocolate petit fours. Or even just a coffee.