The Ridge Nelson Bay

The lap of luxury

With its sleek architectural design, The Ridge at Nelson Bay guesthouse and pool delivers holiday living at its finest.

The Ridge at Nelson Bay comes with a delightful disclaimer for guests: you may not want to leave.

Spanning three luxurious levels – including seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, and sparkling ocean views out to Tomaree and Yacaaba Headlands – it’s easy to see why.

Walk in the front door and you’re greeted with the pool to end all pools.

The Ridge Nelson Bay
The Ridge Nelson Bay

Walk in the front door and you’re greeted with the pool to end all pools. Master Builders Australia (MBA) recently crowned it ‘Pool of the Year’ at its Regional Excellence in Building Awards, alongside ‘House of the Year Over $4 million’. From the swag of other industry accolades it’s received, it’s clear this palatial property (on a 1246 m² block) is in a league of its own.

Greenbuild Constructions – who was also awarded MBA’s ‘Residential Builder of the Year’ off the back of this project – was initially brought on for the build only. But when early excavations revealed rock on site, director Kain Bliss saw an opportunity to go back to the drawing board.

 “Once we found that the extent of the rock was fairly significant, it wasn’t really going to work with the original design,” says Bliss. “So we knew we had to make some changes anyway, and we quickly realised there was so much more potential for the site. So we pulled up brakes, removed all machinery and within four weeks, had a brand new concept.”


The Ridge Nelson Bay
The Ridge Nelson Bay


 It’s a move that paid off, with Greenbuild’s revised plans delivering the re-imagined pool area, complete with striking cantilevered spiral staircase, plus a third level (and a lift void to future-proof the home).

The owner is incredibly happy with the end result, and loves the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces.

“Our initial design brief for the property was a space that encompassed privacy and entertaining,” the owner shares.

“We wanted to accentuate the flow-through design and ensure it would last a lifetime. The build absolutely exceeded our expectations. Having concrete ceilings, floors and textured walls required excruciating detail…

The sleepless nights during the most difficult stages have resulted in the home it is now.”

The ridge Nelson Bay can accommodate up to 14 guests
and is now available for luxury holiday stays, complete with concierge services. 

It was also important to the owner to use curves to soften the concrete walls and ceilings, so the exterior materials were carefully considered.

“We didn’t want to use conventional building materials like traditional weatherboard clad and paint,” Bliss explains. “We wanted to use more innovative products and higher-end, luxurious materials and finishes. So we did quite a lot of research on what products were out there in terms of aluminium facade systems . We wanted to use durable products that were going to be very low maintenance , but give that luxury feel to the property.”

They landed on a blend of Krause Bricks, Ullrich Aluminium cladding and Knotwood aluminium batten systems, to provide a warmer “timber” aesthetic without losing out on durability.

Inside, elegant finishes were built in to every corner. “We thought it was important to celebrate the sandstone rock that is part of the landscape and have reflected this as texture and statements within the home,” the owner says.

Other thoughtful touches included an entirely smart home with automated sensors and a speaker system all installed by the owner (also an electrician) and next-level luxuries like marble baths, and the cinema tucked away on the bottom level that will make you rethink Gold Class.

The Ridge Nelson Bay

Completed in early 2022, after a two-year design and construction period with Greenbuild (and some

Covid delays along the way), Bliss is quick to point out the mammoth team effort required for a build of this calibre. “It’s a credit to everyone involved – from all our team and the client and also our suppliers and subcontractors. We have a very collaborative approach, and I think that’s where you get the best outcomes. ”

The Ridge Nelson Bay can accommodate up to 14 guests and is now available for luxury holiday stays, complete with concierge services. Is the pool calling your name?

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