Tiles on trend

Family-run Darby Street tile merchants Di Lorenzo Tiles NEWCASTLE share what’s trending in bathroom design for 2023.


A bold bathroom is far from boring and while most homeowners tend to play it safe with neutrals, a bold choice in your tiles will add loads of personality to your space. Try a darker or statement tile on the floor, or as a feature tile, incorporate colour, pattern to create your own sanctuary.

A bold bathroom is far from boring

mix it up

A grey tile not only makes a great base but can be used as cladding on most walls. By teaming it with a decorative tile in a smaller format on the floor and wall behind the vanity, you can create a harmonious union.


You don’t have to tile to the ceiling to add depth and appeal. If the ceiling is quite high use tile and colour to create a half-feature wall, adding interest to the overall look and feel of the room.

Using a marble inspired porcelain tile on the wall and floor, with a bold black full tile can create the perfect balance.

Same-same is ok

We love a bathroom tiled wall and floor in the same tile. If you have a huge window that lets in light, try a dark-coloured marble porcelain tile and let the reflections complete the look.

love your marble

For all its versatility and visual appeal, there are still a couple of things to be aware of when deciding whether real marble is right for your home. Marble is porous. This means it will absorb liquids and powders, which could lead to stains. It’s recommended to have marble sealed before installation, giving you the chance to clean up spills before a stain becomes permanent. You also need to avoid the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning.

Use a PH-neutral cleaner to ensure you do not damage your marble. Having said that, a real marble mosaic for a feature wall or bathroom floor is timeless.