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Banish seasonal skincare woes. Dermatologist, Dr Sally de Zwaan advises how to achieve glowing skin, whatever the weather.

Dry flaky skin isn’t on anyone’s beauty wish list, but the chilly winter months sometimes leave us no choice. But don’t despair. Some simple skincare steps, from Coco Skin laser health,  can help you maintain a fresh and radiant complexion. Say goodbye dryness, hello healthy skin.

“Avoid using soaps as they can be very drying. Instead use a soap free pH balanced gentle cleanser and avoid having very long and very hot showers or baths,” says Dr de Zwaan from Coco Skin Laser Health. “After drying, always apply lots of good quality moisturiser.

Avoid scrubs which aren’t usually that helpful and can increase skin dryness and avoid irritant products and environments such as friction and wind.”

And while those colds night still linger? “Layering up in bed rather than using electric blankets will help.”

Avoid cheaper or poor-quality sunscreens which often irritate the skin.


As seasonal change stretches across Newcastle, there are several ways to prep our skin.

“Now the weather’s warming up, trade your thicker oil based winter moisturiser for a lighter cream based one to avoid blocking your pores,” says Dr de Zwaan.

Staying hydrated and gently exfoliating weekly also helps skin stay radiant, and with a predicted rainy season ahead, aim to stay dry.

“Wet clothes or wet feet will end up exacerbating dryness or eczema,” advises Dr de Zwaan. “Avoid this by keeping dry with rain boots, umbrellas, hat and raincoats.”


Our skin is constantly exposed to a variety of elements and temperatures. So, what’s an ideal routine to keep our skin looking its best all year long?

“Apply good quality sunscreen every morning to the face, neck and hands no matter the weather,” says Dr de Zwaan. “Sunscreen is anti-cancer, anti-ageing and anti-sunburn. If you want colour on your skin, use fake tan.”

Dr de Zwaan advises against using cheaper or poor-quality sunscreens which often irritate the skin. If you have dry skin, she recommends mixing sunscreen with your usual moisturiser.

“At night, use a gentle cleanser to clean skin and remove makeup and always moisturise afterwards. Anti-aging products such as vitamin C, retinols and AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy-acid) can be wonderful but also irritating to the skin, so you may need to use them intermittently or sparingly if there’s any skin tightness, redness or itchiness.”

Dr de Zwaan adds that niacinamide is skin calming and can be used even on dry sensitive skin.

As a final piece of advice, Dr de Zwaan says, “If you’re fair skinned, over 40, or have lots of funny moles or any sunspots, an annual full skin examination with your doctor is essential to detect and treat pre cancers or cancers early.”

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