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Beauty Snacking

So much to do, so little time. It’s not surprising that beauty takes a backseat. But it doesn’t have to with these beauty tips …

Beauty snacking is about taking a moment or two throughout the day to indulge in a little pick me up. From lip balms to facial mists to eye masks to rollers, snacking has never looked or felt so good.

Facial Mists

Keep your face and mood hydrated with a cooling facial mist. A quick spritz throughout the day will quench your skin’s thirst and leave you feeling invigorated. For lasting hydration and a natural glow choose a mist that has ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine and vitamin C.

Sit back, take some deep breaths and lose yourself

Eye masks

It’s 3pm and your eyes feel overworked and tired. It’s time for a little TLC.

Apply an under-eye mask to provide soothing relief. Sit back and relax while the mask works its magic providing a hydrating boost to the skin and banishing dark circles and puffiness. Choose masks with anti-ageing ingredients like retinol and brightening agents like caffeine.

Lip scrubs

When your lips are crying out for hydration, beauty tips 101 is to indulge them with a slick of balm. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and shea butter combine to replenish moisture levels. For dry chapped lips, a quick scrub can help to remove the dead skin. Trust us, it’s lip smackingly good.

Hand cream

Regularly applying hand cream nourishes and protects the skin, while helping to fight the signs of premature ageing.

Treat your hands to a moisture boosting massage several times a day. Choose a product that’s suitable for your skin. A good all-rounder will contain ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and SPF.

Essential oils

Essential oils can help improve mood, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and depression.

Apply roll on essential oils onto the pulse points of your body; the wrist, behind the ears and the temples. Sit back, take some deep breaths and lose yourself. Let the aromas do their work.

Face rollers

Consider a face roller as your own personal masseuse. Just a few minutes of gentle rolling can help stimulate blood flow to the face. The result? Reduced puffiness, a radiant complexion and improved skin texture. The fact that it’s relaxing is a bonus.

Face rollers are typically made from quartz, jade or other crystals and can be purchased online or from cosmetic stores.

Facial oil

A few drops of oil massaged into the skin provides a decadent pick me up throughout the day. Infused with hydrating properties and available in a range of scents, oils can quickly boost your glow and mood.

PHOTOGRAPHY  | Melanie Coggio